What is Identity Theft?


Identity theft usually takes place when someone’s identity was stolen and used for fraudulent acts. The identity robber will pretend to become someone else to perform another crime or illegal activities for his benefit. He will be using other person’s identity as if the original person is operating it. They usually make use of different personal information such as full name, (dob) date of birth, account or credit card numbers as well as the social security number.

Hackers are the common types of identity robbers. They use their computer skills to penetrate and gain access with the personal information of their targets. Either a business or an individual is not safe with them. Because of our advanced technologies, the internet has already grown to be part of our lives and there are many people that are becoming dependent on it. Consumers make use of this technology to purchase from merchants online and even most communication is conducted electronically which gave these hackers a window of opportunity to steal their identities.

Some of the common types of identity theft that are being employed by these hackers are password breaching, account number stealing and credit card frauds. Online identity theft can be really difficult to detect because it is a silent crime. It’s also difficult to track down who is responsible and where they are operating from.

It’s really alarming to hear that nobody is safe from identity theft. Each one of us has identity and money therefore you can never say that you could not be a victim of identity theft. You might not know that they are now watching you and just waiting for the right time to attack leaving you broke and suffer from great financial losses. Identity robbers might just be around you or they can be as far as from another country or continent. 


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